Effective election year habits die hard

Effective election year habits die hard

Effective election year habits die hard

As November nears, a media watchdog says George Soros is spending millions to help Big Tech censor conservatives.


The liberal billionaire is reportedly dumping more than $80 million into one of his organizations called Free Press – not to be confused with Bari Weiss' conservative-leaning The Free Press – which in turn is pressuring social media companies like Facebook and Instagram to turn down the volume on conservative candidates and their supporters.

The 2024 censorship push started with 200 civil-society organizations, researchers, and journalists signing a letter begging Big Tech to squelch so-called mis- and disinformation.

Schneider, Dan (MRC) Schneider

"That is the thing that led this effort, signing up about 200 of these groups to write a letter to Google and Facebook and their ilk to put pressure on them to engage in more censorship," reports MRC Free Speech America's Dan Schneider. "$80 million has gone into an effort to get several of these so-called civil society groups to put pressure on Big Tech to recreate their censorship regime going into this next election."

The Soros empire is vast and murky and consists of dozens of organizations formed to fundamentally transform society into a socialist dystopia.

The billionaire has also recently started buying up radio networks and is asking the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to allow his ownership of stations in southern Florida and of one of the biggest networks in the country, Audacity.

Schneider says it matters not that liberal talk radio has tanked every time it has been tried.

"Lots of these are conservative talk radio stations," the watchdog notes. "All he has to do is take that down before the election, and that's a half victory."

The Media Research Center (MRC) notes that in 2015, the annual report from Soros' Free Press celebrated how it was, among other things, responsible for influencing the Obama-era FCC into adopting "Net Neutrality" rules that arbitrarily sanctioned massive government regulation of the internet.

The FCC reportedly cited the Soros-funded organization "close to 70 times" in its final order on the matter.