Communists are infiltrating the classroom

Communists are infiltrating the classroom

Communists are infiltrating the classroom

TikTok isn't the only app the Chinese Communist Party is using to gain access in America.

Nicole Neily, founder and president of Parents Defending Education, recently appeared on One America News to explain her concerns about Tutor.com.

Neily, Nicole (Parents Defending, Speech First) Neily

"Tutor.com is an online tutoring service that was purchased several years ago by a Chinese company called Primavera Holdings, and Primavera Holdings actually is the parent company of ByteDance," she detailed. "If you think that they're taking you or your child's information from TikTok and from that algorithm, then can you imagine what they're going to do when they have access to things that your children are learning in school."

ByteDance is TikTok's parent company.

Neily went on to point out school districts in China regularly gather large amounts of information about students' homes by surveying students about their parents' pollical orientation, if they have guns in the home, social security numbers, IP addresses, and more.

Xi Van Fleet, author of "Mao's America: A Survivor's Warning," tells AFN she was not surprised by this news because the Chinese want to expand their influence.

Van Fleet, Xi (IWF) Van Fleet

"It is just another version of TikTok," she summarizes. "We know what they do with TikTok; they want to get to the mind, and they want to really have access to our children to push the narrative that is really designed to [harm] America and indoctrinate our children."

She says online tutoring services are banned in China under Xi Jinping because he does not want any aspect of education to be in private hands.

"He wants the party to be in total control of the education in China, which is really another form of indoctrination," Van Fleet asserts.

With that said, the CCP acknowledges that tutoring is important, which is why they value the role of Tutor.com in America. It is a way for them to have access to children so as to indoctrinate them and collect data.