Newsflash, Hillary: July is hot

Newsflash, Hillary: July is hot

Newsflash, Hillary: July is hot

Regardless of what some Democrats would have people believe, a skeptic of man-caused global warming says Republicans can't be blamed for the fact that summer months bring hot weather.

Marc Morano of Climate Depot takes great exception to news outlets like the Associated Press claiming that "climate change leaves fingerprints on July heat waves around the globe."

The AP chalks it up to a new study on emissions, but Morano, pointing out that there are periods in history when temps were warmer while CO2 was lower, says such a headline is par for the course with the global news organization.

"They're using a hot summer with normal records, [and] they're weaponizing weather," he summarizes. "There's always going to be records."

Still, former First Lady, Senator, and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton says Republicans are the reason this July has been so hot.

"Hot enough for you? Thank a MAGA Republican," Clinton recently tweeted in response to the Center for American Progress' news headlines about broken temperature records. "Better yet, vote them out of office."

Morano, Marc (Climate Depot) Morano

Morano says Clinton appears to think people can vote themselves better weather, "like if we had voted for Democrats, these heat waves wouldn't be so bad. That's literally what they're trying to tell you."

But even if her claims were taken seriously, the skeptic asserts, "There's absolutely no way that you could support an ounce of it scientifically."

"John Kerry has pointed out that you can completely shut down everything and have no emissions, and it would not even impact the global CO2 emissions," Morano adds.

Daniel Turner, founder and executive director of Power The Future, released the following statement in response to Clinton's tweet:

While facts may not matter in the private jet world occupied by Hillary Clinton, Americans know that it gets hot in July. This is nothing more than a washed-up politician trying to remain relevant while Joe Biden, her choice for President, erodes our energy foundation on a daily basis. Americans rejected Hillary, the Green New Deal, and Joe Biden's radical agenda and those are facts she can't scrub from a email server.

Power The Future is a 501c4 non-profit dedicated to fighting for American energy workers.