MRC backs 'online censorship' claims with thousands of examples

MRC backs 'online censorship' claims with thousands of examples

MRC backs 'online censorship' claims with thousands of examples

The Left may claim it isn't happening, but one organization has 5,000 reasons to believe conservatives are being censored by Big Tech.

The information comes from the CensorTrack.org database at the Free Speech America division of Media Research Center (MRC). Michael Morris, director of that MRC division, says a recent example involves a New York Post op-ed from James A. Gagliano involving the Memphis Police Department and the death of Tyre Nichols.

"Linked In actually censored the piece," Morris begins. "And what is incredible about it is the narrative in the story [Gagliano] wrote cuts against the Left's narrative about police because it was about black police officers beating and ultimately ending the life of a black male."

As Morris explains, the Left doesn't like any narrative that disagrees with its agenda.

Morris, Michael (MRC) Morris

"And when Linked In was called out about this censorship, what did they do? The same thing Big Tech seems to always do when it gets called out: [They] said it was a mistake," he tells AFN. "[And explained] Initially your post was removed for going against policies. As part of our review, we now find that your post doesn't go against our policies and we apologize for the mistake."

But MRC isn't buying it, especially when one considers what happened with the New York Post article in 2020 about the Hunter Biden laptop – which was the subject of a House committee hearing on Wednesday.

"… House Republicans [were] grilling former Twitter executives on that censorship – and MRC actually did a survey [in November 2020] and found that 9.4% of Biden voters would not have voted for Biden had they known about the information," notes Morris.

According to that survey data, he alleges, Joe Biden would have lost the 2020 election. "Biden would not be president today and we would still have President Donald Trump in office but for Big Media and Big Tech teaming up to censor information from the American people," Morris adds.

Censorship of conservatives, however, isn't obvious to everyone – including MSNBC personality Chris Hayes. "For years, conservatives have been whining and whining, and whining, that social media is somehow biased against them," Hayes said in a late January broadcast. "Never made that much sense."

But MRC Free Speech America Vice President Dan Schneider says Hayes is wrong.

"Lame liberal media activists who masquerade as reporters have falsely asserted for years that Big Tech and legacy media are not biased against conservatives," Schneider argues. "We've documented 5,000 cases of censorship using our CensorTrack.org database – and that's just the tip of the iceberg."

He concludes: "Free speech doesn't exist online. Not for conservatives."