President still parroting transgender propaganda

President still parroting transgender propaganda

President still parroting transgender propaganda

While the Biden administration asserts affirmation rather than mental health treatment, Sweden has decided to take a more cautious approach to treating minors with gender dysphoria.

Dr. Michelle Cretella, a pediatrician who serves on the Advocates Protecting Children advisory board, relays that Sweden's National Board of Health and Welfare says "caution" is the new watchword. Its updated guidelines on the care of children with gender dysphoria declares that extended psychosocial explorations are key.

Cretella, Dr. Michelle Cretella

"While the Biden administration continues to parrot propaganda points put out by transgender activists, places like Sweden, Finland, France, [and] the UK are putting the brakes on transgender interventions and ideology," she tells American Family News.

Dr. Cretella says science is not on the side of misguided trans enthusiasts who continue to push for hormone blockers and mutilation surgeries.

"When you take an honest look at the so-called science of so-called transgender interventions, there is absolutely zero science to demonstrate that these puberty blockers, trafficked hormones, and surgeries are safe and effective," she asserts.

According to the National Review, "The Swedes have outlined the proper scientific approach to this most delicate and controversial question."

Since public schools are following the president's lead, championing gender affirmation and transitioning, Dr. Cretella advises parents to consider homeschooling their kids.