Emissions remain the baseless boogeyman

Emissions remain the baseless boogeyman

Emissions remain the baseless boogeyman

Though the claims of global warming and climate change alarmists continue no matter the weather, one lobbyist says not everyone is buying their argument.

Steve Milloy, an author and founder of JunkScience.com, tells AFN says there is no weather event today that can be tied to emissions.

Milloy, Steve (JunkScience.com) Milloy

"There's no correlation between emissions and extreme weather events or natural disasters," he asserts. "The other side, they will respond to any sort of rational argument [by throwing] everything against the wall and hoping it sticks. The bottom line is that we don't really understand the atmosphere. There are a bunch of people who think that emissions of greenhouse gases drive everything, but there is no statistical or scientific evidence of that."

He says they believe emissions cause everything from heat, cold, rain, drought, snow, no snow, hurricanes, and calm weather, and he calls that crazy.

"Emissions can't cause everything," Milloy states. "The whole climate hypothesis has kind of fallen apart … the longer we get into it, because more and more of their predictions don't come true. But the interesting thing is that they're not using their failed predictions to change anything they're saying; they just keep doubling down on their own claims."

Earlier this month, an analysis was used to warn that "the world can afford to emit greenhouse gases for about nine years at current levels to avert crossing the 1.5-degree warming threshold."