Yelp not so big on actual help

Yelp not so big on actual help

Yelp not so big on actual help

A pro-lifer says crisis pregnancy centers are taking another beating online from people who have never even visited one.

Those in charge of social media and other online platforms have already proven proficient in promoting and even celebrating abortion. Now they have purposely turned against pro-life pregnancy clinics that provide a range of services to assist women in carrying their pregnancies to term and even help provide for the babies after they are born.

Andrea Trudden of Heartbeat International reports that Yelp is putting warning labels on pregnancy resource centers, claiming they are "misleading" women.

Trudden, Andrea (Heartbeat International) Trudden

"They've made no secret that they are a huge abortion advocate, because they're even on that list of organizations willing to pay for their employees to go out of state to obtain abortion, even though we know that that can cause psychological and physical effects on women," Trudden responds. "Yelp has made that stance boldly."

She says the truth is women appreciate the pro-life pregnancy centers.

"Unfortunately, Yelp just seems to be falling in line with what different politicians are out there saying against pregnancy help organizations," Trudden laments. "To be perfectly frank, the politicians have never even stepped foot inside some of the pregnancy help organizations that they are blasting."

The pro-lifer says the complaints against the crisis pregnancy centers come from staunch abortion-promoting organizations. She points out that there is profit in steering women to abortion clinics, but they lose money any time a woman decides to carry her child to term.