YouTube caught censoring science

YouTube caught censoring science

YouTube caught censoring science

A pro-lifer says a major video sharing and social media platform is revealing that the abortion lobby doesn't actually care about women's health.


The Ruth Institute, a global interfaith coalition equipping Christians to defend the family and build a civilization of love, recently discovered that several of its "Dr. J Show" episodes were removed from YouTube.

In its notification of removal, YouTube reportedly stated it "does not allow content about abortion that contradicts expert consensus from local health authorities or the World Health Organization (WHO) and poses a serious risk of bodily harm or death."

In addition to pointing out that WHO is a long-time supporter of abortion, even supporting China's One Child policy that resulted in millions of forced abortions, Ruth Institute founder Dr. Jennifer Morse tells AFN the content that was removed revealed the corrupt process by which the sexual state and its allies create the illusion of "scientific consensus."

Her interview with biologist Dr. Joel Brind, who has compiled years of statistical studies from around the world about the increased risk of breast cancer following abortion, did not make YouTube's cut.

Morse, Dr. Jennifer Roback (Ruth Institute) Morse

"There's an increase in premature breast cancers that didn't use to be there," Dr. Morse notes. "The fact that women get these breast cancers [and] could have averted it if they had had accurate medical information when they made their decision -- nobody cares about them. They don't count."

The abortion lobby, she says, does not want women to be fully informed. For the sake of protecting abortion, Dr. Morse says YouTube is not censoring pro-life opinion; they are censoring science.

"The public health establishment worldwide is all in for the claim that abortion is harmless; as long as abortion is legal, it's harmless," she continues. "It turns out that is scientifically indefensible, and they know it. They're afraid of my little YouTube channel."

Two interviews with breast cancer surgeon Dr. Angela Lanfranchi, who explained the medical pathways by which an induced abortion increases the risk of breast cancer, were also removed.

All three interviews are still available at alternative social media sites, namely Rumble.