LaBarbera: Left-wingers that cancelled me want every voice silenced

LaBarbera: Left-wingers that cancelled me want every voice silenced

LaBarbera: Left-wingers that cancelled me want every voice silenced

A conservative activist has been cancelled -- literally -- by an emailing service and is warning others that Big Tech is coming for them, too, if they anger the well-organized left-wing opposition that has powerful corporations doing their bidding.

Peter LaBarbera tells American Family News he received notification Sept. 23 from the company MailChimp that it is suspending his account for violating its “Standard Terms of Use” and “Acceptable Use Policy,” but missing from that email is any explanation for why he was being punished.

LaBarbera occasionally used the email service for his group, Americans for Truth About Homosexuality. That name alone should be a clue the vocal, longtime activist was making lots of enemies in the current culture where powerful corporations are all in on homosexual rights in the name of diversity and inclusion, words that have become religious-like precepts in the LGBT-supporting human resources department. It is likely that one of his enemies reached out to MailChimp in an underhanded demand to punish the right-wing activist.

That scenario seems much more likely considering Twitter had temporarily banned LaBarbera just two days before he received the notice from MailChimp.

“What’s happening is left wingers are complaining to these Big Tech giants like Twitter and MailChimp,” LaBarbera says, “and these companies are persecuting and dumping --- banning --- conservatives.”

LaBarbera, Peter (AFTAH) LaBarbera

Although the Sept. 23 email from MailChimp announced a temporary ban, a Sept. 28 email from the company informed LaBarbera his account would be “locked and inaccessible” in 48 hours. Why? Probably because LaBarbera had complained about the punishment and demanded to know what “violation” he had committed.

Instead, he was literally cancelled without explanation.

“We’ve determined,” Mail Chimp replied to him, “that we can’t support this account.”

Homosexual activists are probably cheering LaBarbera’s punishment, which they consider well-deserved for his record of “homophobia,” but Big Tech has now amassed a record of punishing users both small and prominent if topics such as abortion, COVID-19 vaccines, and Hunter Biden’s laptop run counter to the Left’s approved views and beliefs.

“The leftist tech tyranny,” he predicts, “I don’t see any end to it.”