Bullying's the latest tool of choice

Bullying's the latest tool of choice

Bullying's the latest tool of choice

A Catholic is "astounded" by a letter the Biden administration has sent to doctors and health associations.

Though no state's pro-life law endangers women's lives, this is the president's latest attempt to, in the Associated Press's words, "raise awareness" about a 40-year-old federal law that requires almost all emergency rooms — any that receive Medicare dollars — to provide stabilizing treatment for patients in a medical emergency.

The letter was sent after last week's U.S. Supreme Court ruling that failed to settle a legal dispute over whether state abortion bans override the federal law. It informs medical professionals across the nation they must perform emergency abortions when necessary to save a pregnant woman's health:

No pregnant woman or her family should have to even begin to worry that she could be denied the treatment she needs to stabilize her emergency medical condition in the emergency room, And yet, we have heard story after story describing the experiences of pregnant women presenting to hospital emergency departments with emergency medical conditions and being turned away because medical providers were uncertain about what treatment they were permitted to provide.

"As a Catholic, I am once again astounded, and yet also not surprised, that the Biden administration, Catholic President Joe Biden and Catholic HHS Secretary [Xavier] Becerra, are going to use every tool in the toolbox, whether it's legal or not, to push an abortion agenda," responds the Family Research Council's Meg Kilgannon.

Kilgannon, Meg (FRC) Kilgannon

As she recently pointed out on Washington Watch, many of the hospitals receiving this letter are Catholic hospitals, all of which are being bullied and threatened into performing abortions in cases where, for example, a woman comes to the emergency room, hemorrhaging and in a dire medical state after taking an abortion pill.

"We all want to make sure that woman is treated," the pro-lifer stated. "But they want to make sure that she's treated by giving her an abortion."

Kilgannon reiterated that this letter is a prime example of how the Democrat Party and the Democrat leaders, whether they are Catholic or not, use every power they have to make sure the abortion agenda is advanced in this country.