A reminder that this push for abortion 'rights' is wrong

A reminder that this push for abortion 'rights' is wrong

A reminder that this push for abortion 'rights' is wrong

As Vice President Kamala Harris gears up to campaign for a third time in a battleground state, a pro-lifer thinks she should use that time to draw appropriate attention to places that actually care for women.

Harris will reportedly speak at two separate events in Wisconsin today about the economy and take time to promote abortion up to birth. But instead of continuing the death tour, Gracie Skogman of Wisconsin Right to Life thinks the vice president should take time to visit a pro-life pregnancy resource center.

"These are the options for women that the pro-life movement has where they can find secure housing, they can find support, they can find medical support like ultrasounds," Skogman submits. "This is where the vice president should be spending her time – where women and their preborn children are actually cared for."

She adds that pro-life centers offer real choices for women and their preborn babies. The same cannot be said of abortion mills.

"According to Planned Parenthood's own reports, 96% of women who enter a Planned Parenthood leave without their preborn baby," the pro-lifer relays. "So, that's what's really going on at these centers."

In 2003, Planned Parenthood claims to have "provided care and education to millions and fought for the rights of all people. No matter what." But ending the lives of preborn people is not fighting for their rights.

"Children are losing their lives, and women are being left with, in many cases, trauma and pain that then they have to live with for the rest of their lives," Skogman laments.

Studies have shown that during a 10-year post-abortion period, those women also tend to experience depression, suicidal ideation, and drug and alcohol abuse. Those are the glossed-over outcomes the Democrats are pushing through their policies.