Sweet home Alabama also a safe haven for babies

Sweet home Alabama also a safe haven for babies

A Safe Haven Baby Box in Kentucky

Sweet home Alabama also a safe haven for babies

A state in the South may be leading the way in making sure women who don't feel ready to parent know they have options for their newborns.

The Kids to Love Foundation was instrumental in getting state legislation passed to permit the installation of Safe Haven Baby Boxes in fire stations across Alabama. Founder Lee Marshall says throughout the process, two babies were abandoned and left to die in different parts of the state.

Marshall, Lee (Kids to Love) Marshall

"We saw this happening in our state at the same time that we were working so diligently on getting this legislation passed," she tells AFN. "Every time that happened, it just really gave fuel to our fire of why we knew we had to get this done and get this done as quickly as we possibly could."

The first baby was left in a Madison, Alabama Safe Haven box within two weeks of it getting set up, and it has been used to save two more babies so far this year.

Meanwhile, money has been raised for 12 additional Safe Haven Baby Boxes to be added throughout the state.

"We have been bombarded with municipalities across the state of Alabama that are interested in adding these boxes," Marshall reports. "When that happens, we refer them straight to the national office and let them deal directly with that."

"Our goal is eventually to have boxes in every city," she continues. "That would be an amazing thing to add and to give so many women so many options when they're not ready to parent."

Aside from the baby boxes, Kids to Love is involved in placing children for foster care and adoption. The organization operates Davidson Farms, a foster home for girls, the Whitaker Cottage Community for girls aging out of foster care, and its own licensed Child Placing Agency.

It is also home to KTECH, a private school that offers job training in manufacturing, robotics, and more to young adults and people looking to make a career change.