La. legislator's abortion bill dies in GOP-led committee

La. legislator's abortion bill dies in GOP-led committee

La. legislator's abortion bill dies in GOP-led committee

Louisiana legislators are being praised for saying “yes” to life and “no” to abortion after legislation was defeated in a House committee.

An abortion-supporting Democrat submitted a measure in the Louisiana legislature that demanded a ballot measure to legalize abortion in a state where the fetus-killing procedure is almost entirely banned.

Citing current court fight, GOP guv vetoes pro-life bill 

Charlie Butts, AFN.net

Wyoming’s sole abortion clinic is safe from new health and safety regulations after a bill was vetoed by the state’s pro-life Republican governor.

Gov. Mark Gordon vetoed legislation that would have required abortion clinics to be licensed as an outpatient surgical center.

The state’s sole abortion clinic, located in Casper, is called Wellspring Health Access.

Winters, Nathan (Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming) Winters

Nathan Winters, of Wyoming Family Alliance, tells AFN the Governor’s reasoning for the veto was a new state law could interfere with a chemical abortion ban that is now before the Wyoming Supreme Court.

In a statement, Gov. Gordon said a new law could “further delay” resolving the legal issue of abortion in the state.

“We really do not see them being in conflict with one another. It deals with a separate issue,” Winters says. “So we were saddened by the report of that veto.”

Benjamin Clapper, who leads Louisiana Right to Life, says the “abortion until death” amendment was “soundly” defeated by pro-life legislators.

“And the bill is dead and cannot be brought back up,” she says.

The bill was submitted to a Republican-controlled committee where a 10-2 vote deferred the bill and effectively killed it during the current session, according to an Associated Press story.

Freeman, Aimee Freeman

The bill’s author is Rep. Aimee Freeman, a Democrat whose District 98 includes New Orleans.

“I don’t see this as a pro-abortion bill,” Freeman said during committee debate. “I see this as a pro-medical treatment bill.”

“Abortion isn't health care. Abortion is ending the life of someone,” Rep. Emily Chenevert, a Republican lawmaker, countered.

Clapper predicts red-state Louisiana would have rejected the amendment, because it legalizes abortion through birth, but abortion supporters have witnessed voters in other red states pass similar legislation in recent elections.