Coloradans asked if they've got a heart

Coloradans asked if they've got a heart

Coloradans asked if they've got a heart

Pro-lifers in the state are counting on churchgoers to make a petition drive successful.

State law currently allows abortion up to birth under any circumstances imaginable. So, the Colorado Life Initiative, a Church-led movement seeking to protect children from harm beginning at conception, is circulating petitions for Initiative #81.

If it is successful, then voters will decide the issue later this year on the statewide ballot.

Barnhart, Faye (Colorado Life Initiative) Barnhart

"We need 124,238 signatures," spokeswoman Faye Barnhart reports. "We have until March 31st, so, we have just a couple weeks here to finish getting all the petitions out, get all the signatures collected, get them back, and be able to get this on the ballot this year."

She says the cooperation and efforts of the Church will be the deciding factor.

"We know in the state of Colorado we have 61% of adults attend church at least several times a year," the pro-lifer relays. "So, if just churchgoers will vote for life, this will pass. We need 50% plus one vote for this to pass, so, we just need people who care about children to vote for this."

The measure would call for any facility or dispensary violating the pro-life law to be permanently shut down and for all permits or licenses of the offending facilities and their medical personnel to be revoked.