Planned Parenthood caught crossing the line in more ways than one

Planned Parenthood caught crossing the line in more ways than one

Planned Parenthood caught crossing the line in more ways than one

Missouri's attorney general has a growing list of reasons why the abortion giant needs to take its "dastardly" business elsewhere.

AG Andrew Bailey credits a Project Veritas investigation for the latest revelations.

Bailey, Andrew (Missouri AG) Bailey

"Investigative journalists filmed a video wherein a Planned Parenthood clinic in Kansas City, an agent of the clinic can be seen bragging about concealing abortions from children's parents, deceiving schools and courts with forged documents, expressing a willingness to conceal a sexual offense against a minor, and bragging about trafficking minors across state lines in violation of state law," Bailey relays.

He has filed a lawsuit against the abortion giant to halt the illegal practices. He says it is the culmination of a multi-year campaign to drive Planned Parenthood from the state because of its flagrant and intentional refusal to comply with Missouri law. The suit lays out Planned Parenthood's pattern of statutory violations:

  • In 2018, following at least a half-decade of health code violations, Planned Parenthood's facility in Columbia was shut down after staff admitted to having used moldy abortion equipment on women for months.
  • Also in 2018, Planned Parenthood physicians conceded in open court that for at least 15 years, the organization failed to comply with state law requiring physicians performing abortions to file reports when women experience medical complications from abortions.
  • In 2020, the Administrative Hearing Commission determined that even though Missouri law at the time required that the same physician who performs an abortion be the one to notify the woman of the risks of abortion, physicians at Planned Parenthood were not doing so.

"Planned Parenthood is so committed to the destruction of human life that they're willing to put the health and safety of women and girls at expense to achieve their dastardly objective," the attorney general contends. "This is a cult of death, and for some reason, the mainstream media refuses to acknowledge the fact that this is an outlaw agency at this point. They've got to be held accountable."

He believes Planned Parenthood "needs to be driven from the state of Missouri once and for all."