The truth about what Dobbs has done

The truth about what Dobbs has done

The truth about what Dobbs has done

A pro-life scholar says The New York Times has again published a false narrative on abortion.

Dr. Michael New of the Charlotte Lozier Institute says historian Daniel Williams' claim that "Dobbs didn't reduce abortions" does not add up.

New, Dr. Michael New

"He hints that the pro-life laws passed after Dobbs have not reduced the abortion rate much and pro-lifers should invest more time, more effort, more resources into social programs for pregnant women," Dr. New relays.

While he agrees that pro-lifers need to be creative when it comes to supporting women who need help bringing their babies to term, he says studies show that tens of thousands of babies have been saved since the U.S. Supreme Court returned abortion decisions to the states.

"After the Heartbeat Act, about 1,000 children were saved every month," Dr. New reports about Texas. "And at the rate at which other states passed pro-life laws, there's a good analysis that shows 32,000 lives have been saved because of these post-Dobbs pro-life laws."

Regardless of where people stand on the abortion issue, he thinks the truth needs to be acknowledged.