Ms. Magazine 'deaf to the cries of women'

Ms. Magazine 'deaf to the cries of women'

Ms. Magazine 'deaf to the cries of women'

A pro-lifer says a feminist magazine doesn't seem to understand what human rights are.

In their recent opinion piece in Ms. Magazine, former Planned Parenthood employee Victoria Boydell and Kate Gilmore, the former deputy high commissioner for human rights for the United Nations, compare abortionists, or "human rights defenders [who] continue to live in constant fear of being attacked and prosecuted for providing this essential, life-saving care," to superheroes or saints.

Eric Scheidler of the Pro-Life Action League, however, says "exactly the opposite is true;" abortionists deny children their own human rights.

He agrees with Live Action News: Killing another human being can never be considered a human right.

Scheidler, Eric (Pro-Life Action League) Scheidler

"Abortionists are killing innocent human beings, the unborn child, the most vulnerable of all of our brothers and sisters," Scheidler notes. "An abortionist's job is to kill those children at the behest of their mothers who are often being pushed by others."

The fact is 63%-74% of women who have had an abortion say they would not have done so had they not been coerced by their baby's father or their own family members.

"One out of four abortions is forced, and yet Ms. Magazine turns a completely blind eye to that," Scheidler tells AFN. "They're deaf to the cries of women who regret their abortions, who say that they were pushed and coerced, and they want to praise abortionists as great health practitioners and human rights defenders."

He can think of plenty of people who truly deserve the title of "human rights defenders," beginning with the mothers who decide to carry their unplanned pregnancies to term. He also recognizes the workers at pro-life pregnancy centers -- often unpaid volunteers who help women in crisis bring their children into the world and help provide for the families after those babies are born.