Ladies, the abortion industry doesn't care about you

Ladies, the abortion industry doesn't care about you

Ladies, the abortion industry doesn't care about you

A Christian physician and bioethicist advises abortion-minded pregnant women to physically visit a medical doctor before undergoing an abortion, especially a chemical one.

Using data from abortion providers upon which the annual abortion statistics for England and Wales are based, a recent review compared the abortion complication rate for medical abortions in England in 2021 by the gestational age of the unborn baby.

Abortion pills are legally permitted in the U.S. through the ninth week of pregnancy. But in the U.K., where the pills are allowed long after that that, complications with chemical abortions at 20 weeks and later were found to be 160 times more likely – 110 times more likely when the pills were taken at 13-19 weeks.

Dr. Jeff Barrows of the Christian Medical & Dental Associations (CMDA) says those stats are not peculiar to England.

Barrows, Dr. Jeffrey (CMDA) Barrows

"We know it's also happening in the United States, because we now … under this current administration have a regimen where this drug can be prescribed to a pregnant patient without any physical visit to document how far along they are in the pregnancy," he notes.

He hopes this data will help pregnant women realize the importance of in-person medical visits. And considering that the chemical abortion regimen can be fatal for a woman with an ectopic pregnancy, he says a physical examination could literally save a patient's life.

"Women are experiencing very high levels of complications," Dr. Barrows reiterates. "We're not hearing about it because the media is not interested in it for the most part. The abortion industry doesn't really care about women, isn't taking good care of them."

He says legislation could help curb the problem, but for the most part, it is up to women to stop ordering the pills online.

A killer lie

Brian Clowes of Human Life International (HLI) says seven of Africa's 54 nations have fallen for the lies of population extremists and abortion organizations who claim that legal abortions save women's lives.

But according to the stats, approximately 5%-7% of maternal deaths in Africa are caused by illegal abortions.

"We need safe delivery kits," Clowes submits. "Attended childbirth is the biggest [thing] that would save many more women's lives."

In his view, the obvious reason abortion proponents are pushing for legalization in Africa is to reduce the number of Africans.

Clowes, Brian (HLI) Clowes

"I really believe that's all it's about," he tells AFN. "If they really thought they could save women's lives from illegal abortions, why aren't they arresting the illegal abortionists who are killing these women? Instead, they just legalize abortion, and the same people who are doing those illegal abortions just become a front-alley clinic from a back-alley clinic. They continue to kill women."

Clowes adds that when Rwanda and Ethiopia legalized abortion, their maternal mortality rates went up.