In midst of abortion lawsuit, where are hospital doctors?

In midst of abortion lawsuit, where are hospital doctors?

In midst of abortion lawsuit, where are hospital doctors?

After yet another woman joined a massive lawsuit against the State of Texas and its strict abortion laws, a pro-life activist says terrible stories about medical difficulties can be traced to the women’s doctors.

Kristen Anaya, one of 22 plaintiffs in the case, says she was awaiting an abortion procedure after her water broke too early but then developed sepsis in a hospital, according to a story by NPR.

Anaya is one of several women who say the state’s strict abortion laws endangered their health and even their lives, according to the sympathetic NPR story.

The case dates back to March of this year when five women sued in a case that has made its way to the Texas Supreme Court.

Amy O'Donnell, of Texas Alliance for Life, says the pro-life group sympathizes with the women who have “navigated” a difficult pregnancy.

"At the same time,” she continues, “Texas law does not require the life of the mother to be imminent, or for her to become septic, for a doctor to intervene to save her life."

In other words, O'Donnell says, under Texas law a doctor could have intervened sooner and quicker.

According to some media outlets, the women are asking the courts to better explain the medical exemption allowed under the Texas abortion ban. In doing so, the women say doctors can act sooner without any fear of prosecution for violating the law. 

O'Donnell, Amy (Texas Alliance for Life) O'Donnell

"We're not trying to overturn this law," Anaya told television station WFAA.

"The language in our law is clear," says O'Donnell. "If there is any confusion on doctors' part, it really is a part of the Texas Medical Board and its responsibility to provide clarification for doctors where there is any confusion in the law."

According to the NPR story, attorneys for the Texas attorney general made similar arguments about doctors understanding the state law when they argued against the lawsuit at a July court hearing.