Kids choose chastity over contraception

Kids choose chastity over contraception

Kids choose chastity over contraception

Students in a town in the African nation of Malawi have sent a forceful message to the abortion cartel.

On September 29, Natola Secondary School students refused to allow presenters from the local Planned Parenthood affiliate to speak. In fact, they reportedly chased them away from the property.

Members of Family Planning Association of Malawi, a local affiliate of International Planned Parenthood Federation, showed up at the school with an agenda that included graphic instruction on how to use contraception to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

The school's main teacher credited the "good pro-life message" that pro-life organizations have been sharing with students for their response to the abortion-promoting speakers.

Clowes, Brian (HLI) Clowes

Dr. Brian Clowes of Human Life International, which has been invited to the same school to talk about abstinence, says their approach has been honest, respectful, and effective.

"You have a priest and a doctor come before them and say … this is going to happen to you if you get involved in sex too soon," he relays.

Dr. Clowes says the students are told that saving intimacy for marriage means "you don't have to worry about unwanted pregnancy or aids or sexually transmitted diseases, [and] you don't have to worry about loss of reputation or your self-respect [or] have to look around for an abortion."

Girls are also reminded that they stand a better chance of avoiding abuse and poverty if they "don't rush things."

Because the Republic of Malawi offers some of the world's strongest protections for preborn babies, it is a frequent target of global abortion promoters. In recent years, Malawi's National Assembly has seen repeated attempts to force unrestricted abortion, but with 98% of Malawians being religious, it has been and is expected to remain a deeply divisive issue there.