State gov't sanctions more tax-funded violence

State gov't sanctions more tax-funded violence

State gov't sanctions more tax-funded violence

The abortion lobby is doing all it can to make Maryland an abortion tourism state.

The state is hustling to attract abortion dollars and will even financially aid a mother's trip to Maryland to kill her preborn baby. Laura Bogley, who heads Maryland Right to Life, says a pregnant woman just has to let Planned Parenthood be her guide.

"You can go to their website, and women and girls can just simply put in their ZIP code or their address, and they will tell you where your nearest abortion provider is, even late-term abortion provider," Bogley details. "If you don't have one near you, they will coordinate the transportation."

In August, Baltimore completed its application process for a second round of taxpayer subsidies for interstate abortion tourism. The city's Abortion Protection Fund is issuing cash rewards of up to $30,000 each to area abortion organizations that are engaged in interstate abortion coordination, importing women and their preborn children from neighboring states that have more protective laws.

There are even funds available to put a woman up in a motel and otherwise make her comfy as she prepares to terminate her preborn child. Montgomery County, Bogley says, is going a step further.

Bogley, Laura (Maryland Right to Life) Bogley

"Their county executive actually used additional municipal taxpayer or county taxpayer funds to solicit businesses to come here to relocate to Montgomery County to ensure that their workers, their employees would have unlimited access to abortion," the pro-lifer details. "That benefits the employer, because they want to keep those women in the workforce."

While Maryland is one of only three states that shield abortion providers by declining to report abortion data to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Abortion Surveillance data, Bogley writes in a recent LifeNews.com piece that nearly 30,000 abortions are estimated to have been committed each year in Maryland pre-Dobbs. About one-third of those abortions were elective abortions paid for using state Medicaid dollars.

Maryland Right to Life estimates that abortion tourism will cost state taxpayers an additional $10 million annually in Medicaid reimbursements to abortionists.

That does not seem to be enough for Maryland's leaders, though. In November 2024, voters will go to the polls to decide whether to make abortion up to birth a constitutional right in the state.