Clearly, 'women's health' taking a backseat in NM

Clearly, 'women's health' taking a backseat in NM

Clearly, 'women's health' taking a backseat in NM

A Planned Parenthood facility in Albuquerque has made a move that clearly demonstrates what they consider a priority.

The Duke City has a Planned Parenthood clinic that is now referring women and men seeking contraception, STD tests, and other services to other facilities in the area. That allows the abortion giant to accommodate more women who are seeking abortion.

Elisa Martinez of the New Mexico Alliance for Life tells AFN the truth comes from former clinic workers.

"Admittedly, Planned Parenthood has abortion quotas and rewards employees who meet the demand for these abortion quotas," says Martinez. "It's no surprise that they are, in fact, focusing on taking the lives of innocent human beings over all of these other services that they purport to offer."

Martinez, Elisa (NM Alliance for Life) Martinez

According to the pro-life spokeswoman, it's a well-known fact among pro-lifers that Planned Parenthood makes far more money doing abortions than peddling birth-control pills.

"This just confirms that they are about the bottom line, first and foremost over women's health, taking innocent lives over women's health and damaging women along the way either emotionally, mentally, spiritually," she argues. "If you think about it, it's all very sad [and] sickening."

One of the reasons Planned Parenthood is sending clients elsewhere is to accommodate women arriving from pro-life states to terminate their preborn child. According to the PP's own data, one of those states – Texas – accounts for more than half (56%) of abortion patients in New Mexico.