Fact-checkers take the word of the accused

Fact-checkers take the word of the accused

Fact-checkers take the word of the accused

A pro-life leader suggests that PolitiFact get its facts straight.

Live Action spokeswoman Christina Bennett tells AFN PolitiFact, which describes itself as "a fact-checking website that rates the accuracy of claims by elected officials and others on its Truth-O-Meter," should know better than to expect the truth from Planned Parenthood.

Instead, it used the abortion giant as the main source for a recent article claiming Planned Parenthood does not aid sex traffickers in keeping their women and girls on the street.

Bennett, Christina (Live Action News) Bennett

"Live Action's calling out the evil that Planned Parenthood has done in covering up child sex trafficking," Bennett begins. "PolitiFact goes to planned Parenthood as their primary source to say, 'Well, no, Planned Parenthood says they didn't do that.' Well, Planned Parenthood is the one who was caught doing this evil work; of course they're going to lie about it and say it wasn't happening."

Bennett makes note of the series of Live Action undercover videos from 2011 that exposed Planned Parenthood personnel of helping a "pimp" with contraception and abortions so they could immediately get their trafficked girls and women back in business.

As a result, the abortion chain fired at least one employee and promised to re-train thousands of others – actions PolitiFact acknowledges while still rating the pro-life group's claims as "false."

"It's really just disgusting to see how Planned Parenthood is willing to enable pimps, enable Johns to traffic young children and cover this up from their parents," the pro-lifer laments. "This is something that's happened for years. It's happening all across the country."

Another video showed a Planned Parenthood staffer in Virginia was willing to perform illegal abortions on minors, telling investigators posing as human traffickers how to skirt the state parental consent law through judicial bypass and get abortions for 14- and 15-year-old victims without their parents' knowledge.