Nothing 'brave' about bribing kids with gift cards

Nothing 'brave' about bribing kids with gift cards

Nothing 'brave' about bribing kids with gift cards

Planned Parenthood, the nation’s biggest and most notorious abortion provider, has a twisted history of using cringy gimmicks to market itself and now a pro-life group says the group might have outdone itself.

After using the Christmas holidays to sell gift cards, and after treating sex toys like an Easter egg hunt, a Planned Parenthood affiliate in Minnesota is promising gift cards to young teens if they attend and complete a sex-ed summer camp.

The camp, which is open to teens ages 13-15, is called S’MORE, Fox News reported, an acronym for “science-based, medically-accurate, open-minded, responsible [sex] education.”

Brown, Katie (ALL) Brown

Katie Brown of American Life League tells AFN that Planned Parenthood deserves a “hall of shame” for its sickening gimmicks that use holidays such as Christmas and Easter. Another perverse idea was mimicking an ice cream truck. 

“And they perverted it,” she says, “into kind of this machine that would distribute contraceptives and sexually-explicit materials at a family friendly concert.”

According to the Fox News story, the summer camp is sponsored by Planned Parenthood North Central States. The advertisement said campers learn about sex “in a brave, creative, and collaborative environment, and take on a weeklong responsibility to share information with their community.”