Intercession on the interstate

Intercession on the interstate

Intercession on the interstate

A group in Wisconsin has found a way to intercede for preborn babies whose lives are on the line.

Though Wisconsin is a pro-life state, some women are traveling to nearby states like Minnesota and Illinois, which are wide open for abortion, for pregnancy termination procedures.

With that in mind, Anna DeMeuse tells AFN her organization, Pro-Life Wisconsin, has set up a series of billboards near the state lines.

"These messages are ones of compassion and care, offering help to women," she says. "We know that women are often told that abortion is their only option, and we know that that's not the case."

In the press release about the campaign, Pro-Life Wisconsin's state director accounts that after working with women and men in their struggle to choose life for their child, "many are making deals with God."

Most abortion-minded women say they do not want to abortion their child, but they feel pressured by people in their lives – usually family members or boyfriends – to do so.

DeMeuse, Anna (Pro-Life Wisconsin) DeMeuse

"64% of women who've had abortions report feeling that pressure to abort," DeMeuse relays. "So we're here to say you don't have to feel that pressure; there's another way. Pro-Life Wisconsin is here for your physical, medical, [and] financial needs. Whatever you need to choose life for your baby, we're here to help you say yes."

"Some [women] simply ask God to show them a sign to not have the abortion," Director Dan Miller notes.

That is why the billboard reads, "This is your sign. Don't have the abortion."

Also, coming home to Wisconsin from out of state, women will be met with Pro-Life Wisconsin billboards offering post-abortive help and abortion pill reversal information.

Just like the services of the pregnancy help centers throughout the country, the help Pro-Life Wisconsin provides is free and continues on after the baby is born.