Waco's great awakening

Waco's great awakening

Waco's great awakening

A city in Texas has found a successful formula for shutting down a Planned Parenthood-led sex education effort.

For years, John Pisciotta of Pro-Life Waco had his crew show up at "Nobody's Fool," Planned Parenthood's one-day summer sex promotion seminar that targeted children entering grades 5-9. It was sponsored by local Girl Scouts.

As children were brought in from throughout the area, his group handed out flyers letting parents know their kids were about to be introduced to a warped view of the subject.

In 2004, "the Girl Scouts named the director of Planned Parenthood in Waco, their affiliate running an abortion clinic, they named her a woman of distinction to serve as a role model for young girls," Pisciotta reports.

Pisciotta, John (Pro-Life Waco) Pisciotta

He says the head of the local American Family Radio station called and asked him to do a one-minute spot that would be run "around the clock." As a result, secular media got involved, and as the town and the nation was enlightened, phones began ringing at the Girl Scout office.

"When they started getting that response inside their own organization, they had an emergency board meeting and decided to sever all ties with Planned Parenthood," the pro-lifer details.

American Life League reports that in 2013, attendance at Nobody's Fool declined to less than 70 from a highpoint of 700. It was terminated that same year.

Meanwhile, Pro-Life Waco has remained vigilant, and the organization played a part in shutting down last month's "deep dive seminar" for youths 18 and older titled "What Sex Ed Didn't Cover" before it even hit the ground.

Pisciotta says his crew has continued to grow as it continues to inform parents about Planned Parenthood.