Wounded pro-lifer considering civil lawsuit

Wounded pro-lifer considering civil lawsuit

Wounded pro-lifer considering civil lawsuit

Community service and a small restitution may not be the extent of the consequences ahead for an elderly pro-lifer's shooter.

As AFN has reported, 82-year-old Joan Jacobson was going door-to-door in Ionia, Michigan last fall campaigning against a proposed amendment to the state constitution to legalize abortion up to birth. She was met with heated opposition at the home of 75-year-old Richard Harvey, who shot her.

Jacobson's attorney, David Kallman of the Kallman Legal Group, reports that Harvey faced criminal charges but insisted the shooting was accidental. Jacobson, however, has maintained she believes it was intentional after she had argued with Harvey's wife, Sharon Harvey.

Kallman, David (GLJC) Kallman

"You don't point loaded guns at people, especially an 82-year-old lady who's walking away to her car," Kallman argues. "The gentleman was charged. He pled guilty, and as I understand it, he got probation. He has to do 100 hours of community service, and there's no jail time imposed."

Harvey was also ordered to pay $347.19 in restitution and cannot have any contact with his victim. But that might not be the end of the story for him, because Jacobson is still considering the situation.

"She's still having some problems and aches and pains in her shoulder, and it's been almost a year now since this happened," the attorney relays. "She's in physical therapy and is dealing with issues from the shooting, so she'll be making a decision, I'm sure soon, as to whether or not she wants to proceed with a civil lawsuit."

Just after she was shot, Jacobson drove herself to a hospital for treatment of her shoulder wound.

As for the pro-abortion measure that concerned her, Michigan voters approved the constitutional amendment soon after the incident. Among other things, minors in the state are now allowed to have abortions and undergo gender manipulation without parental involvement.