NYC professor, triggered by pro-life display, now in trouble over machete

NYC professor, triggered by pro-life display, now in trouble over machete

NYC professor, triggered by pro-life display, now in trouble over machete

A national pro-life student group is waiting for a Hunter College art professor to be held accountable after she cursed the students and vandalized their display in a violent confrontation that was recorded. That professor is now facing even more trouble after allegedly confronting a newspaper reporter with a machete and threatening to “chop” him up.

On the New York City campus, a Students for Life chapter set up a booth May 12 to protest chemical abortions. Approximately an hour later, Shellyne Rodriguez, an adjunct assistant professor, showed up and reacted angrily to the display.

“You’re not educating [expletive],” the professor told two students manning the table. “This is [expletive] propaganda.”

A 30-second video (caution: language warning), recorded by a Students for Life member, shows Rodriguez accusing the pro-life students of “triggering” her students with their “violent” message, when it was clear from the video she was the person triggered by the display. She then shoves materials across the table before walking away.

The pro-life group says Rodriguez later returned and cursed the students again but was stopped when she tried to throw the pro-life materials a second time.

Hunter College is a public university in Manhattan with a student population of approximately 23,000.

Dana Stancavage, a Students for Life spokesperson, tells AFN the pro-life group contacted campus police after the incident and was told they are investigating the matter. The pro-life group later learned Professor Rodriguez was summoned to a provost’s office over her behavior because a pro-abortion campus group, CUNY for Abortion Rights, complained she is being mistreated.

Stancavage, Dana  (Students for Life of America) Stancavage

After that incident, it appears the professor’s problems have only grown worse. The New York Post reported Tuesday she held a machete to the throat of a reporter who knocked on the door of her Bronx apartment. The story identified the reporter as Reuven Fenton, who had tracked Rodriguez to her apartment over her incident with Students for Life.

Like the confrontation with the pro-life students, that incident just outside her apartment was recorded (pictured at top) by a Post photographer.

Fenton appears unhurt in the video but the Post story says the professor, still armed with the machete, chased down its two employees outside the apartment building where she kicked Fenton in the shin. That confrontation on the sidewalk was also recorded.