Abortion-loving Dems prove how much they hate their enemy

Abortion-loving Dems prove how much they hate their enemy

Abortion-loving Dems prove how much they hate their enemy

Californian’s state government is distributing $7.8 million to abortion clinics across The Golden State to improve their security from imaginary threats, and anyone who is surprised by that hasn’t been paying close attention.

Gov. Gavin Newsom, a second-term Democrat who is expected to run for the White House, has announced grant funds will be spread among 21 abortion clinics from the Office of Emergency Services, according to a LifeNews article that credits the California Globe.

Mary Rose Short of California Right to Life tells AFN she is unaware any abortion clinic there has been victimized by pro-life activists but the same can’t be said for the other side.

“Here in California, we've had a number of pregnancy centers that have been vandalized either with their windows broken [and] spray paint,” she advises, “whereas I have not heard of violence against abortion clinics in California.”

To understand why Gov. Newsom would give millions to abortion clinics requires understanding the pro-life movement is viewed as a terrorist-like threat by the state’s abortion-worshiping Democrats. That is why a California law – before it was struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court – required pregnancy centers to literally advertise the state’s abortion services on their clinic walls.

During the current legislative session, Democrats are targeting those same pro-life pregnancy centers with legislation that creates a “public awareness campaign” accusing the pro-life centers of lying and deceiving pregnant women about their mission. That legislation, which is likely to become a new state law, passed out of the California Assembly Health committee 11-4 in late April. The director of a Sacramento pregnancy center testified the bill “defames” pregnancy centers as some sort of fake clinic that lies to women.

Beyond the abortion ideology, Short tells AFN that Gov. Newsom enjoys a close political alliance with the abortion industry, including abortion giant Panned Parenthood. So there is also a political payoff at work by distributing the grant funds to his political allies, she says.