Rep. Sykes sounding anti-CPC 'dog whistle'

Rep. Sykes sounding anti-CPC 'dog whistle'

Rep. Sykes sounding anti-CPC 'dog whistle'

A congresswoman is encouraging abortion advocates to continue their vandalism and violence against pro-life pregnancy centers.

Ohio Congresswoman Emilia Sykes (D) has introduced U.S. House legislation asking a federal agency to exercise control over what crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) say and do. Elizabeth Marbach of Ohio Right to Life calls it another attempt by the Left to discredit and punish pro-lifers.

Marbach, Elizabeth (Ohio Right to Life) Marbach

"She is targeting them by trying to get the Federal Trade Commission to penalize these centers as though they're putting out deceptive marketing in the same way that the FTC targets sad weight loss products or other products that are blatantly lying," Marbach explains.

Meanwhile, even a Planned Parenthood undercover sting operation found that what they call "fake" clinics actually offer women top-notch and comprehensive healthcare.

Also, Rep. Sykes presented HR 2736 not even a week after the pro-abortion extremist group "Jane's Revenge" vandalized The Bowling Green Pregnancy Center (BGPC), one of Ohio's more than 180 clinics that help provide $15 million worth of services to moms and dads in need, including financial aid, job referrals, prayer, and supplies for their babies.

"This bill is nothing more than a dog whistle to encourage even more violence and vandalism against pro-lifers," Marbach insists.

She says abortion advocates like Sykes simply want to damage pro-life pregnancy centers to advance abortion. They claim facilities that offer pregnant women real options and healthcare are "fake" because their services do not include abortion.