Mifepristone's fate is 'anyone's guess at this point'

Mifepristone's fate is 'anyone's guess at this point'

Mifepristone's fate is 'anyone's guess at this point'

Those on both sides of the abortion pill issue will hear an update this week from the U.S. Supreme Court.

As AFN has reported, a federal judge in Amarillo recently ruled that mifepristone, the first of two pills administered in a chemical abortion, could no longer be distributed because the FDA did not follow its own rules to determine the drug's safety before approving it more than 20 years ago.

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals then ruled the drug is okay through the seventh week of pregnancy, and now, the U.S. Supreme Court is allowing its distribution up to ten weeks.

Both sides were given until Tuesday to submit briefs, and Laura Echevarria of the National Right to Life Committee tells AFN the high court will announce a decision after Wednesday.

"Whether that will be to take up the case in an emergency situation or if they decide to hear oral arguments and squeeze that in this term, which they have done things like that before, that is anyone's guess at this point in time," the pro-lifer relays.

President Biden's Department of Justice is challenging the opponents of the pill.

"Their argument, of course, being that because they have not been directly affected -- you know, none of them are women who have taken the drug or anything -- Danco and the Department of Justice and the FDA, they are arguing that the plaintiffs don't have standing."

Danco Laboratories is the pharmaceutical company that makes and markets mifepristone.

Alliance Defending Freedom, noting that 28 women have died and several thousand others made emergency runs to hospitals after taking the drug, argues that those victims are the ones who do have standing in the case.