PP's business model targeting college women

PP's business model targeting college women

PP's business model targeting college women

A pro-life organization's research reveals the need to expand its presence at institutions of higher learning.

A decade ago, Students for Life of America (SFLA) discovered that 79% of Planned Parenthood facilities were within five miles of college campuses.

"Unfortunately, it's gotten worse," spokeswoman Michele Hendrickson relays of the latest study from Students for Life's Demetree Institute for Pro-Life Advancement. "It's increased almost 10%; we're at about 87.6% of Planned Parenthoods are located within five miles of a college campus."

The abortion conglomerate has been dropping its other services for at least a decade. Abortion is now its single biggest revenue source, and SFLA asserts that Planned Parenthood is obviously targeting college-aged women.

Hendrickson, Michele (SFLA) Hendrickson

"These are young, impressionable students who are away from their support system, they're away from their families, and Planned Parenthood's not there to help them or give them necessary education or tools to continue pregnancy," Hendrickson asserts. "They sell abortion, and it's an extremely scary situation when you think about the strategy behind their business model with that."

Students for Life currently has 1,300 chapters on college and university campuses, but the study tells the pro-life group that they must work even harder to get a chapter at every institution of higher learning. Hendrickson says that includes Christian colleges, as many of them have a working relationship with Planned Parenthood.