Reprotection is on a roll

Reprotection is on a roll

Reprotection is on a roll

Thanks to the diligence of pro-life folks, another abortuary in Florida may be on its way to shutting down for good.

Earlier this year, the state permanently shut down American Family Planning, the sole remaining abortion clinic in Pensacola, after sidewalk counselors funneled information to a watchdog organization called Reprotection and then to state regulators.

CEO Missy Stone tells AFN the clinic did not have the required arrangement with a local hospital to handle the emergency situations it caused, which delayed the care the women needed.

Stone, Missy (Reprotection) Stone

"They were sent to the hospital hours after their complications occurred; some of them were told to drive an hour away," Stone relays. "When they got to these emergency rooms, the emergency department had no idea what was going on. They had no medical records, and the delay in care caused long-term complications and damage to these women."

Three women nearly died from abortion complications at the facility. One required resuscitation, another had parts of her colon removed, and a third needed an emergency hysterectomy, the News Journal reported last year.

The clinic also failed state inspections, and last May, the Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration (ACHA) issued an emergency license suspension. Stone explains that the health department found numerous violations.

"This facility did have a history of really bad infections," she notes.

Health officials also levied a fine of more than $343,000.

"I believe the agreement was instead of paying the fine, we're just going to close our doors," Stone says of American Family Planning.

She goes on to hint that Reprotection is on the verge of shutting down yet another abortion clinic that has a similar history in hurting women and failing inspections. More about that will be revealed in the near future.