Biden admin worships abortion but knows courts do not

Biden admin worships abortion but knows courts do not

HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra is considering a "public health emergency" to improve abortion access in the U.S. 

Biden admin worships abortion but knows courts do not

The abortion-defending Dept. of Health and Human Services is floating a plan that would enrich its allies in the abortion industry with taxpayers’ funds, and would probably be stopped in court, but a pro-life attorney says never underestimate this twisted Biden administration.

It is no secret the abortion industry was crippled overnight after the Dobbs ruling was handed down last summer and numerous states kicked abortionists to the curb. Faced with clinic closures and tough state laws, the Biden administration is weighing a “public health emergency” that would free up funds for abortion, news website Axios reported.

A public health declaration that states too-few unborn children are dying in the womb would come from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, where a “wide range of measures” are being discussed according to HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra.

“Pregnancy is not an illness,” counters attorney Mat Staver with Liberty Counsel. “So there's clearly no health emergency.”

A public health emergency is intended for an outbreak or a medical situation that affects everyone, not just pregnant women, Staver points out. So it is bizarre for the federal government to weigh using it specifically to help more women kill their babies.

“I mean, this is the most absurd thing, “if not the most Nazi-esque, in the extreme," he warns. 

Staver, Mat (Liberty Counsel) Staver

The Axios story quotes Mary Ziegler, an abortion law expert at the University of California, who advised the emergency declaration would help women with out-of-state travel and access to abortion medications. But she also predicted a court fight would not end well for Becerra and HHS.

According to Staver, there would definitely be lawsuits filed against HHS, which is probably why attorneys within the Biden administration have expressed doubts about attempting it, he adds.

In a related abortion fight, the Biden administration is currently attempting to change rules in the Obamacare program that would force objecting employers to provide contraception to employees.

“This is something this administration has been pushing over and over and over again,” Laura Echevarria, of the National Right to Life Committee, tells AFN.

She calls the Biden administration “the most pro-abortion administration ever.”