Singer now vocal about 'a silent misery'

Singer now vocal about 'a silent misery'

Singer now vocal about 'a silent misery'

A successful singer and former member of an all-female pop group is speaking up to warn the world about abortion and its ramifications.

Speaking recently with Students for Life, Kaya Jones, former singer with the Pussycat Dolls, explained why she considers herself pro-life. She shared that she has had three abortions in her life, including one when she was a teenager and another at the insistence of her manager when she was with the group (view interview below).

Scheidler, Eric (Pro-Life Action League) Scheidler

"This led her to come out and sell her story and to try to help other women so they don't make that same disastrous choice," comments Eric Scheidler of the Pro-Life Action League. "Kudos to her. God bless her for stepping out and for exposing the harm that abortion does to women and the harm that abortion pushers do to women in the entertainment industry and throughout corporate America."

Her story is one of pain, frustration, anger, and depression, and the pro-lifer laments that is often the case with women who have had an abortion.

"It's so common for women to experience feelings of regret and shame and confusion and not even to be sure of why they feel that way," Scheidler relays. "They find themselves angry when they're in the presence of nieces and nephews, for example, and they don't figure out until later that that's what it really was. There's a silent misery in our country over abortion."

Jones, who has reportedly "turned her life around and started following Jesus Christ," now believes "children are a blessing from God."

So while many of her fellow musicians have spoken out against last year's Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade and are shouting their abortions, Scheidler encourages the women who have been hurt by abortion to follow Kaya Jones' lead and speak out about the harm.