The fight for life is one that matters

The fight for life is one that matters

The fight for life is one that matters

ADF is going to court on behalf of some state legislators and pro-life groups who want to protect people from the world's leading cause of death.

Last year, in anticipation of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision that overturned Roe v. Wade, Wyoming enacted a law seeking to preserve the lives of innocent, preborn babies and the health and safety of mothers.

Payne, Julia (ADF) Payne

But before the law could go into effect, abortion activists filed a lawsuit against it, prompting state Representatives Rachel Rodriguez-Williams (R) and Chip Neiman (R) as well as Right to Life of Wyoming to ask the Wyoming Supreme Court for permission to intervene so they could provide arguments and evidence that there is no state constitutional right to abortion and that abortion harms women and unborn children.

Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) attorney Julia Payne reports, "The court has not set a briefing schedule yet, but I would expect it to be a few months before we get a decision."

Her legal advocacy firm is no stranger to these kinds of cases and is currently defending pro-life laws in 11 other states.

"This issue matters to people across the country, not just in Wyoming," Payne asserts. "There are pro-life people in every state who are trying to get things like this passed."

Meanwhile, Brian Clowes of Human Life International tells AFN Worldometer analysts have confirmed that abortion is still the leading cause of death worldwide.

Clowes, Brian (HLI) Clowes

"Abortion is not only the leading cause of death worldwide; it exceeds all other causes of death worldwide combined," he relays. "73 million abortions every single year -- that's 52%, or more than half, of all the deaths that happen in the world every single day, week, month, and year."

Clowes says those figures reflect a problem that needs to be addressed, and that is more true for some countries than it is for others.

"In Russia, more than 70% of the population is being killed by abortion," he gives as an example. "So, Russia would have a lot more people if not for that. Here in the United States, about 64 million have been killed. That's about 13%-14% of the population."

The pro-lifer suggests that the U.S. should pay more attention to the situation in the world's largest country, as not enough babies are being born there to fill the future workforce needs. That may be why Russia is promoting having babies now and has considered granting a stipend to families that will have more children. C

lowes says the U.S. is edging toward a similar problem, and he reiterates that it needs to be corrected.