TX women, babies benefiting from voters' choices

TX women, babies benefiting from voters' choices

TX women, babies benefiting from voters' choices

One of the most pro-life states in the country will continue to focus on preserving that status and protecting life.

Recently released data shows that abortions have dropped 97% in Texas thanks to the Human Life Protection Act. Based on data reported by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, 68 total abortions were committed in the month of July in Texas compared to the 2,533 babies who were killed in January.

While she acknowledges that some women are going out of state for abortions, Amy O'Donnell of Texas Alliance for Life points out that real help is freely available to those who are choosing life for their babies.

O'Donnell, Amy (Texas Alliance for Life) O'Donnell

"We need to educate women about the vast resources we have available to them in Texas so that they know that there is help, that there is support, and that they don't have to walk through an unplanned pregnancy on their own," O'Donnell tells AFN.

As the state legislature goes into session early next month, she asserts that pro-lifers will "work to keep the gains that we've made and prevent our law from being weakened or abolished."

"We'll also continue to promote the expansion of the vast resources that Texas offers to women facing planned or unplanned pregnancies," O'Donnell adds.

A bill has been introduced for a constitutional amendment to undo all of the state's pro-life laws, and O'Donnell recalls a headline declaring that Texans would not even have a chance to vote on it.

"That's absolutely bogus," she responds. "The voters have already weighed in. They've weighed in, and they've chosen life; they've chosen pro-life legislators and pro-life leaders to continue protecting life."

Given that fact, she says there is no way the anti-life legislators can muster the 2/3rds vote in both houses to put such a proposal on an election ballot.