Unsafe conditions the 'norm' in NM abortuaries

Unsafe conditions the 'norm' in NM abortuaries

Unsafe conditions the 'norm' in NM abortuaries

A pro-life group in New Mexico warns that abortion-minded women in their state have no guarantee they are walking into a safe clinic.

On November 9, pro-lifer volunteers once again observed a woman post-abortion being transported by ambulance to a hospital emergency room from a University of New Mexico abortion facility. No further information is available on the woman because of privacy laws – but what is known is that the clinic performs abortions through the sixth month of pregnancy.

Tara Shaver of Abortion Free New Mexico explains the next step for her organization.

"… We file a medical board complaint and we ask for an investigation," she tells AFN. "And [then] we hope that the medical board will do its due diligence and find out what happened during the procedure; and that … the doctor who has performed the procedure … will be held accountable."

Shaver, Tara (Abortion Free New Mexico) Shaver

According to Shaver, incidents like this are a fairly common occurrence at New Mexico abortuaries.

"… Abortion facilities [in the state] are never inspected for cleanliness [or] for safety protocols," she laments. "[And] the surgical portion of their facility is never inspected whatsoever. So, as much as you would think the powers that be would care, they don't."

She adds it's likely that situation will remain unchanged for a while because voters in the Land of Enchantment gave pro-abortion Democrats solid majorities in both houses of the New Mexico legislature last week.