Pregnant prisoners pressured to abort

Pregnant prisoners pressured to abort

Pregnant prisoners pressured to abort

Illinois is moving to make sure everyone can access abortions for "free."

Previously, the pregnant women in the state's prisons had to pay for their own abortions and cover the additional cost of transportation to and from their appointments as well as for a guard to accompany them. But now, Governor J.B. Pritzker (D) has announced that 100% of those costs will be paid by tax dollars.

"Obviously the vast majority of Illinois taxpayers do not want their money going to pay for the destruction of any child," responds Amy Gehrke of Illinois Right to Life. "Secondly, women in the prison system are just being offered abortion, no other option, which really puts the pressure on them to abort."

Gehrke, Amy (Illinois Right to Life) Gehrke

Other choices – such as adoption or letting a relative on the outside have temporary custody of the child – are not offered. As Live Action points out, offering "free" abortions without announcing any type of incentive or help for those who may want to keep their babies only increases the pressure that they feel to abort.

"This is just par for the course for the state of Illinois," Gehrke laments. "Governor Pritzker has never met an abortion that he absolutely doesn't love and is doing everything in his power to line the pockets of his friends in the abortion industry."

She points out that taxpayers are already paying for many of the child terminations that are done in Illinois. Also, the Medicare Family Planning program has a presumed eligibility clause that basically makes it possible for just about anyone from out of state, including pro-life states, to come to Illinois and get an abortion without paying a dime.