Pueblo pro-lifers hoping to prevent devastation

Pueblo pro-lifers hoping to prevent devastation

Pueblo pro-lifers hoping to prevent devastation

A Colorado town is organizing to fend off a notorious abortionist's plan to set up shop there.

LeRoy Carhart (pictured above) is looking to open a baby termination center in Pueblo. But with a history of botched abortions, at least two of which resulted in the deaths of his adult patients, Tamra Axworthy of A Caring Pregnancy Center (ACPC) tells AFN he has quite a reputation.

Carhart runs two Clinics for Abortion and Reproductive Excellence (CARE) in Nebraska and Maryland, and Axworthy is additionally concerned that, as his website advertises, the elderly abortionist terminates children through the third trimester, or up to birth.

Axworthy, Tamra (ACPC) Axworthy

"We know sex traffickers use abortion clinics to hide their crimes," she notes. "We know that women who are facing emergency situations don't opt for four-day procedures. This is a residential area up the street from an elementary school, so these children are going to have to walk by that every day. That's going to be devastating to that local community."

With that in mind, the community is already stepping up.

"There's been conversations happening with members of the leadership in Pueblo, and there's a website now that has been active for a couple of days that's getting a lot of attention," Axworthy relays. "There're some calls to action on that, including prayer and fasting, as well as contacting the mayor's office and letting him know where people stand."

Carhart's new Pueblo facility will reportedly provide birth control as well as abortions in the first and second trimesters. However, Colorado allows abortions for any reason up to birth, so it is possible that Carhart will offer third-trimester abortions there, too.

Carhart, who is currently facing malpractice allegations in Maryland, seems to think the Pueblo community will welcome and support him and his practice, but Axworthy asserts, " That is not what he's going to get."