No surprise: 'Stigma' of being abortionist carries a cost

No surprise: 'Stigma' of being abortionist carries a cost

No surprise: 'Stigma' of being abortionist carries a cost

A New Mexico abortionist is moving on from her job … possibly because of a lack of respect for what she does.

Abortionist Brenda Pereda was trained to terminate unborn children at the University of New Mexico; and she trained others to do so as well. Two years ago, she left the Albuquerque area and opened Los Alamos Women's Health at Los Alamos Medical Center. In March, Pereda resigned her position, claiming a "hostile" work environment and a "lack of diversity" at the Center prevented her from providing "personal and patient safety."

Pereda told the Los Alamos Reporter: "The fact that I am a board-certified full-scope ObGyn who is a nationally-known reproductive health specialist may trigger [a male colleague] to call me an 'abortionist.' I am fellowship trained in family planning, and I provide abortions when indicated for maternal or fetal indications."

AFN spoke with Tara Shaver of Abortion Free New Mexico about Pereda's exit from Los Alamos. "Her stay there was not long, and the doctors within the hospital … were not welcoming to her, according to her, and so she ultimately resigned from that position," says Shaver.

LAMC investigated Pereda's claims of a hostile and unsafe work environment and determined them to be "unfounded." Shaver offers a different take.

Shaver, Tara (Abortion Free New Mexico) Shaver

"I really feel like just the stigma of abortion follows her wherever she goes," she tells AFN. Shaver argues that a stigma – public and professional – follows abortionists who have "betrayed true medicine by killing innocent, helpless babies" in the womb.

Adds Shaver: "That's just a natural consequence of killing children – and she just couldn't really take the heat."

LAMC welcomed Pereda's replacement to its staff in June. Shaver's group reports that according to a receptionist at LAMC, Dr. Sharon Ransom does not perform abortions – and the Medical Center will not allow abortions in the hospital. However, in addition to her responsibilities at LAMC and stated passion for "access to reproductive health," Ransom serves as chair for the "diversity, equity, and inclusion" committee of the pro-abortion Southwest Women's Law Center.