What pro-lifers notice about YouTube's new disclaimer

What pro-lifers notice about YouTube's new disclaimer

What pro-lifers notice about YouTube's new disclaimer

The president of a nationwide federation of right-to-life organizations says social media platforms continue to show their opposition to saving the lives of unborn babies.

Carol Tobias of the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) says pro-life organizations have consistently asked social media outlets for equal treatment, but now, YouTube is posting a disclaimer that the permitted pro-life videos include "disinformation." Also provided are links to sites that encourage women to terminate the lives of their preborn children.

LifeNews noticed the label on videos from prominent pro-life organizations including Live Action, Students for Life, Focus on the Family, and the Equal Rights Institute. Videos about Pope Francis and at least one from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops have it, too, according to the Catholic News Agency.

Tobias, Carol (NRLC) Tobias

"It just seems so wrong," Tobias tells AFN. "They are taking advantage of a platform that they have, but they are not being fair to the issue. A lot of people want to find out pro-life information, and YouTube should be making that as easily available as they are the pro-abortion information."

The label -- which begins with "Context: Abortion health information" in bold letters, followed by a link to the National Library of Medicine, a website run by the pro-abortion Biden administration -- also appears on videos by pro-abortion groups and leftist news sites, including Vice and Planned Parenthood.

According to YouTube, it will be included on all videos about abortion "regardless of what opinions or perspectives are expressed." The company said it places labels on videos about topics that are "prone to misinformation," and the labels include information from "independent, third-party partners to give more context on a topic."

Tobias points out that the pro-life videos, which present science and facts to inform about abortion, are savings the lives of babies. The same cannot be said about the "partners" to which YouTube links.

"They have their own prejudices and biases, and they think pro-life people are wrong," she recognizes. "They don't care about what happens to the baby, and quite frankly, they don't care about what happens to the women. Not all abortions are safe, and a woman looking for information should be able to get that information."

The NRLC president goes on to note that complaints regarding YouTube's censorship can and should be lodged until the disclaimers are removed.