Pro-abortion Dems playing both sides of 'faith' fence

Pro-abortion Dems playing both sides of 'faith' fence

Vice President Kamala Harris displays a map showing abortion access by state as she speaks in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building on the White House Campus in Washington, Aug. 3, 2022. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File)

Pro-abortion Dems playing both sides of 'faith' fence

A pro-life leader is denouncing the use of religion and religious terms to support abortion.

Vice President Kamala Harris at recent speaking engagements in Texas complained that denying a woman a right to choose abortion in any circumstance is "truly immoral." That followed her assertion last month in Wisconsin that "you don't have to change your faith or abandon your faith or your deeply held beliefs" to argue against government regulations that restrict abortions.

Kyleen Wright of the Texans for Life Coalition addresses those remarks, saying of the VP: "Clearly, she has lost her moral compass if ever she had one."

But as Wright explains, the VP's vision on abortion and morality goes to the top in the White House.

Wright, Kyleen (TLC) Wright

"She and this administration have done everything they can to belittle any kind of religious input on this issue – and that hasn't worked," the pro-life spokeswoman points out. "So, now they try to turn it around on its face and suggest that one can be a person of faith and support this."

As for using faith to defend terminating the life of a child in the womb, Wright states: "Well, certainly it is a blasphemy and a continued blasphemy."

She goes further by saying that people with a biblical view do not use religion to justify abortion: "This is not a long-held position of people of faith. Historically, people of faith and our denominations and our faith leaders have always been pro-life."

One of the objectives of Harris' various speeches in Texas was to excite abortion supporters to show up at the polls in November. But pro-life voters are being encouraged to turn out in full force as well.