Pro-life leader on Biden: He's a 'dragon in sheep's clothing'

Pro-life leader on Biden: He's a 'dragon in sheep's clothing'

Pro-life leader on Biden: He's a 'dragon in sheep's clothing'

A pro-life group intends to stick with what the Bible says about abortion rather than go along with what Joe Biden says.

President Biden, in a New York fundraiser last week for Democrats, told his audience the Catholic Church – the faith group to which he claims to be devoted – makes exceptions for rape and incest in obtaining an abortion.

Biden: "Talk about, what, no exceptions? Rape, incest, no exceptions? … I happen to be a practicing Roman Catholic; my Church doesn't even make that argument."

Hugh Brown of American Life League tells AFN that Biden, a lifelong Catholic, needs to consult scripture for the truth about that.

"Thou shalt not kill is absolutely one of the commandments of our Lord," says the pro-life spokesman. "Scripture also says Before I knit you and formed you in your mother's womb, I knew you – and that man is made, created – not born, created – in the image and likeness of God. So, the scriptures are clear."

Brown, Hugh (ALL) Brown

Brown laments that culture today is no better than in the past when people sacrificed their children at altars – but now, he says, the "altar" is at abortion clinics … or at homes where abortion chemicals are delivered by mail. The ALL spokesman minces no words in his criticism of the president's remark.

"The president is 100% responsible and is a false prophet, a false witness," Brown exclaims. "And he's worse than a wolf in sheep's clothing – he's a dragon in sheep's clothing and needs to be rebuked.

"And quite frankly," he continues, "the Catholic Church should have kicked him out for the good of his own soul a long time ago. He's the devil himself. He's a deceiver and a liar."

The teachings of the Catholic Church on abortion have been the same since the first century: it's forbidden.