Pro-life voters cannot sit this election out

Pro-life voters cannot sit this election out

Pro-life voters cannot sit this election out

The founder and editor of a pro-life news site says just as the economy is a big issue for voters, so is abortion, and they need to make it known in next month's midterm elections.

Steven Ertelt of LifeNews.com warns that if pro-life legislators are not voted into the House and Senate, then President Biden and pro-abortion Democrats will continue to advocate abortion and likely push for Americans to pay for it.

"[Biden] is trying to turn VA hospitals and clinics into abortion businesses by … violating and breaking federal law to make them do abortions," Ertelt notes. "Those were taxpayer-funded hospitals and clinics -- trying to make them places that kill babies, as opposed to helping veterans with much needed healthcare."

And much like many corporations are offering to cover expenses for employees who have to travel to another state for an abortion, Ertelt would not put it past the president to do the same.

Ertelt, Steven (LifeNews.com) Ertelt

"Joe Biden wants taxpayers on the hook as well for funding abortion travel -- again, potentially breaking federal law in the form of the Hyde Amendment," the pro-lifer asserts. "He wants Americans to pay for abortion funding. Instead of promoting healthcare for women, he wants to make sure women can get to another state to end the life of an unborn child."

In the hours  immediately following the Supreme Court's reversal of Roe v. Wade, President Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-California) implored pro-abortion people to vote.

"This fall, we must elect more senators and representatives who will codify a woman's right to choose into federal law once again, elect more state leaders to protect this right at the local level," said Biden in a televised address on June 24, 2022. "We need to restore the protections of Roe as law of the land. We need to elect officials who will do that."

That same day, Pelosi told reporters that "while Republicans seek to punish and control women, Democrats will keep fighting ferociously to enshrine Roe v. Wade into law."

"The rights of women and all Americans are on the ballot this November," added Pelosi.

That, says Ertelt, is why pro-life voters cannot stay at home this November.

"We know abortion advocates are ready to go vote [because] they are hopping mad that we are protecting babies from abortion," he submits. "This is a crucial, crucial election."

He says it is an opportunity to stop the Democrats' extreme and radical abortion agenda, to protect babies from abortions, and to stop taxpayers from funding them.

"We have to turn out and vote," Ertelt insists. "We have to vote pro-life."