PP-friendly judge rewriting history

PP-friendly judge rewriting history

PP-friendly judge rewriting history

A pro-life group in Michigan is working with its attorneys to respond to a judge's recent rogue decision to strike down an 91-year-old state law.

The law from 1931, which makes it a crime to perform an abortion unless the mother's life is in danger, was long dormant before the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June. But on Wednesday, Judge Elizabeth Gleicher decided it violates the Michigan Constitution.

"A law denying safe, routine medical care not only denies women of their ability to control their bodies and their lives — it denies them of their dignity," the Court of Claims judge wrote. "Michigan's Constitution forbids this violation of due process."

Anna Visser of Right to Life Michigan thinks Judge Gleicher should have recused herself from the case because it had been filed by Planned Parenthood.

Visser, Anna (Right to Life of Michigan) Visser

"Not only is she a donor, but she also has received several Planned Parenthood awards, and she also represented them in the 1990s and lost the case when they were trying to get abortion within our constitution," Visser details. "So to us, this is just a way for her to rewrite history and make it feel like she is winning in that case she actually lost in the 1990s."

Gleicher suspended the law in May with an injunction. Her latest decision applies to all state and local prosecutors in Michigan.

Visser's organization is working with their legal team, Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), to see what can be done to fight against this.

Big money in late-term abortion

Meanwhile in The Land of Enchantment, Tara Shaver of Abortion Free New Mexico (AFNM) says taxpayers are footing the pricy bill for abortions in the state.

As part of its systematic approach to closing abortion facilities through investigative research, public exposure, and proper oversight and accountability, AFNM has researched and discovered that between 2019-2020, the state forked over nearly $1 million to pay for abortions.

Shaver, Tara (Abortion Free New Mexico) Shaver

"Unfortunately, our Medicaid funding act has pretty much been due to a court order, so there's not really a lot of recourse that we have other than just letting the public know, 'Hey, your tax dollars are being used for abortion,'" Shaver says.

She reminds American Family News that abortion is wide open in New Mexico – available for any reason and up to the point of birth.

"We do have the latest abortions in the nation, and so when we talk about the late-term abortions up to the day of birth in the third trimester -- those abortions are upwards of $17,500," Shaver reports. "When we're talking about late-term abortion, there's big money in that."

AFN has reported that many abortionists are relocating their clinics in New Mexico, where many pregnant women in neighboring pro-life states are traveling to destroy their preborn children.

Shaver adds, though, that this is an election year, and a major way to stop the expansion of the child termination business is for pro-life voters to show up at the polls and vote abortion lobbyists out of office.