Vigilance is key in Music City

Vigilance is key in Music City

Vigilance is key in Music City

A pro-life lobbyist says the people of Nashville need to act now in order to prevent the city council from prioritizing abortion in their abortion-free state.

Will Brewer, legal counsel and lobbyist for Tennessee Right to Life, tells AFN city council members are supporting a proposal to set aside a half-million tax dollars to ensure residents have access to abortion and sex education that promotes promiscuity.

He points out that Nashville is the same city that brought negotiations for the National Republican Party convention to a halt because of the party's more conservative platform.

Brewer, Will (TNRL) Brewer

"They prioritize politics over revenue coming into their city and helping their people," Brewer decides. "And this month, they are prioritizing the facilitation of the killing of unborn children."

The Tennessean reports that the proposed $500,000 program would likely be administered as a grant to a provider under a memorandum of understanding with the city with three parts:

  • $200,000 toward "comprehensive sex education" resources
  • $150,000 toward "safer sex supplies" and community outreach
  • $150,000 to assist Davidson County residents with access to abortion outside Tennessee

The legislation is sponsored by Council members Delishia Porterfield, Freddie O'Connell, Sandra Sepulveda, Ginny Welsch, Emily Benedict, and Bob Mendes.

To free up money to cover travel expenses for women and girls to travel to other states for abortions, Brewer warns that city workers could potentially lose their jobs. So the pro-lifer advises Nashville's citizens to respond now.

"They need to stay vigilant," he asserts. "I'm sure this will be a very swift and quick process to deter protests and activity from constituents, so if they're going to do it, they need to do it quickly."

As for why a woman may feel inclined to leave the state for child termination purposes, Brewer notes the state's near-total abortion ban under the Human Life Protection Act.

"Our trigger law that we passed in 2019 [is in] effect, and that prohibits all abortions in the state of Tennessee," he tells AFN. "So, Tennessee is now abortion-free for the first time since 1973."

That law, he says, could potentially save the lives of 8,000 preborn babies.