AG wrong about who's empowering women

AG wrong about who's empowering women

AG wrong about who's empowering women

According to a Minnesota pro-life group, the state attorney general's efforts to display his support for women actually reveal that he does not support women.

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison (D) has issued a consumer alert warning women in the state against visiting pro-life pregnancy centers.

Paul Stark with Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life says Ellison's dialogue is really that of abortion extremists, who are trying to put a stop to the life-saving work the centers do.

Stark, Paul (MCCL) Stark

"These pregnancy centers are places that provide compassionate support and alternatives to abortion for women in need. They empower women," Stark asserts. "They provide them with baby supplies and all these different options that help them choose life, and yet our attorney general is going after these pregnancy centers and warning the public about them, saying that they mislead women and so forth, which is false."

In short, Stark says Ellison's bias is showing.

"He would certainly never go after the abortion industry, which actually does mislead women and downplay the dangers of abortion and the humanity of the unborn," the pro-lifer submits. "But he is going after these pregnancy centers that are offering women an actual choice in helping them to choose life. And it just shows that the attorney general is an advocate for abortion, and he's not an advocate for the women of Minnesota."

Ellison's opinion on crisis pregnancy centers and so-called "abortion rights" is based on a report from The Alliance of State Advocates for Women's Rights & Gender Equality, which strongly supports abortion.