Confusion, deception won the day

Confusion, deception won the day

Confusion, deception won the day

As pro-lifers continue to analyze their loss in Kansas Tuesday night, the hosts of a radio program that deals with hard-hitting moral, social, and political topics agree that abortion advocates were cleverly deceptive.

The "Value Them Both" amendment, which would have made it easier for state lawmakers to pass abortion restrictions, lost by a 40-60 margin in a solidly red state.

Dr. Ray Pritchard, who pastors in Kansas City, recently told his co-hosts on "Today's Issues" that abortion proponents hid the ball. For example, one "vote no" ad that ran leading up to the election never even mentioned what the amendment's failure would mean for the abortion industry.

Pritchard, Dr. Ray (Keep Believing Ministries) Pritchard

"They call it a constitutional amendment. The truth: It's a strict government mandate," the ad states. "Kansans don't want another government mandate, so on August 2nd, send a message. Say no to more government control. Vote no on changing the constitution." (Listen to full ad)

"They played the freedom card," said Pritchard.

American Family Association President Tim Wildmon agreed that the pro-abortion side found a way to deceive Kansans by falsely reframing the issue.

"You say 'mandate' to conservatives, and … we're voting against it," he noted.

Program co-host Ed Vitagliano called the campaign "demonically clever," and Pritchard concurred, pointing out that the measure was written in legalese.

"The amendment itself [was] difficult to understand, easy to distort," he offered. "The other side went to town on it."

Pritchard also maintains that many of the state's evangelical churches were MIA leading up to the election on the amendment.

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