States find reason to celebrate

States find reason to celebrate

States find reason to celebrate

Mississippi and Ohio continue to demonstrate their determination to be pro-life states.

On June 24th, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe vs. Wade, the constitutionally incorrect decision that paved the way for more than 63 million preborn babies to be terminated throughout the country. Additionally, Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves (R) has issued a proclamation declaring June as Sanctity of Life Month.

Knight, Laura (Pro-Life Mississippi) Knight

"In his proclamation, he says Mississippi must now turn to the work ahead to take every step to support mothers and children through policies of compassion to ensure every baby has a forever family and to build and sustain our new pro-life agenda, a culture that values the inherent dignity of every individual, restores the wonder of life," relays Laura Knight of Pro-Life Mississippi.

By serving others and helping mothers and families, she says there are many ways to support the pro-life cause during Sanctity of Life Month and all year long.

"You can volunteer with Pro-Life Mississippi; you can volunteer with your pro-life pregnancy center," Knight suggests. "Lots of churches have great ministries to help families and mothers -- food banks, clothing closets. Donate to your local pregnancy center; donate to your church's food bank and clothing closet."

She adds that people in any state can write letters and send emails encouraging lawmakers to introduce and pass laws that will enhance existing pro-life and adoption laws.

In Ohio, state Senator Steve Huffman (R) has introduced a bill that would establish June 24th as "Life Day."

Whitmarsh, Elizabeth (Ohio Right to Life) Whitmarsh

"I think that establishing a day that celebrates life from the moment of conception, acknowledging that the babies that are in the womb are, in fact, lives -- I think that that will do a huge thing to advance a culture that celebrates life," responds Elizabeth Whitmarsh of Ohio Right to Life. "It's not denigrating the worth of a human being inside the womb."

Her organization believes other states ought to consider likewise celebrating the sanctity of human life on that day every year.

"Abortion is no longer enshrined by the federal court," she rejoices. "It's no longer a fake constitutional right that a woman has to go and have an abortionist kill her baby. That's no longer the law of the land -- praise God! And so I think that, absolutely, nationwide, from every state, we need to be celebrating that."

Whitmarsh is confident the pro-life majority legislature will pass the measure and that Governor Mike DeWine (R) will sign it into law.